Weekly Idol Revealed The Best Group They Ever Worked With

Weekly Idol has featured a huge number of idols, but there’s one group that is loved on the show.

Recently, Weekly Idol celebrated its sixth anniversary and producing director (PD) Kim Dong-ho was interviewed about the show.

While every group has been great fun, his most memorable guest was BIGBANG, especially G-Dragon. 

“From the very first episode, G-Dragon’s and BIGBANG’s appearance has been the most memorable.

Even after making the decision to have them as guests, they never said ‘No’ to any sort of request.

We were all impressed by their experienced and sophisticated attitudes.”

— Kim Dong-ho, Weekly Idol PD

As public image matters a lot to idols, groups will often deny requests from PDs during the show.

BIGBANG and G-Dragon managed to shock everyone with their willingness and hard work.

Here’s hoping for more BIGBANG variety appearances after their military enlistments!