This Week’s Music Bank Proves BTS Is The Only Group That Can Beat BTS

How do you choose?

BTS defeated BTS to win this week’s KBS2‘s Music Bank.


On the June 17 episode of KBS2’s Music Bank, fans were surprised to see that in the running for this week’s winner was none other than BTS’s “Butter” and BTS’s latest single, “Yet To Come.”!

Jang Wonyoung (left) and Sunghoon (right) | KBS2
| KBS2

The two songs were the only ones competing for first place, proving the group’s world-class status and that the group is only in competition with itself.

BTS | @bts_bighit/twitter

On this day, BTS’s “Yet To Come” won out, giving BTS their much-deserved win.

BTS is delighting fans by returning to Korea’s music programs after a two-year absence.

| @MnetMcountdown/Twitter
| @MnetMcountdown/Twitter

According to TNMS, BTS’s June 16 performance on the music program M Countdown was watched by over 320,000 people, which is twice the average amount of viewers for the program.

This week’s M Countdown was watched by 320K people, that’s twice the average audience for the show LOL.

— Netizen

BTS returned with their latest album, Proof, on June 10. Check out their latest performance on Music Bank below!

Source: Wikitree