WEi’s Junseo Under Fire For Joking About Money With Fans

It has happened more than once.

WEi‘s Junseo is currently under fire for his recent Dear. U Bubble messages. Dear. U Bubble is a private subscription service that allows idols to send messages to fans who subscribe to the account. Fans can also send messages back to the idol.

Junseo fell into controversy after he joked about receiving money from fans. He had joked about needing to be paid if he takes photos for fans.

Junseo’s Bubble. | Nate Pann

Then, I should receive ₩50,000 KRW (about $35.20 USD) for taking pictures of RUis (fans). Is that possible? Instead, I’m confident that I’m able to take the prettiest photos in the world. I’m not talking about ₩500,000 KRW (about $352 USD) for 10 pictures but I’ll take about 500 pictures like they do in profile shoots and I’ll even photoshop the selected pictures. Specially for you guys, since you’re RUis.

— Junseo

While that matter alone was not a huge deal to fans, another mention of money rubbed some the wrong way.

Junseo’s Bubble. | Nate Pann

It’ll be good if you guys can each send me ₩100 KRW (about $0.07 USD). Hehehe. I’m imagining things happily now. Tell you my bank account? Well, send ₩100 KRW (about $0.07 USD) each, got it? >< It’s goes kinda like Shinh… Shinh…!!! (Shinhan Bank)

— Junseo

Some have criticized Junseo for his constant mention of money, an uncomfortable topic.

Response to Junseo’s messages. | Nate Pann
  • “Wow…is he some host bar host? He’s just asking for it blatantly…”
  • “The thing about large entertainment companies is that they teach the idols and so they don’t end up saying things like this. If you stan idols from a middle or small company, they don’t know how to run an idol business and the idols end up saying whatever they want. I don’t like it.”
  • “What’s wrong with him fr.”
  • “Just how little does he earn for him to say that… Let’s just think of him pitifully.”
  • “I’m curious as to how much groups like WEi would get.”

While fans have been taking his jokes lightly, talks about money is still not seen in a positive light, especially when the idol is making a show about asking for money from fans.

Source: Nate Pann