Weki Meki Confirmed To Make A Comeback This October

Fans are expecting another addictive hit like “Picky Picky” or “Oopsy”.

Craving another addictive hit like “Oopsy”? Get ready, because Weki Meki has just been confirmed to make their comeback next month!

After reports of a Weki Meki comeback surfaced earlier today, Fantagio Entertainment revealed to OSEN that the group will be dropping their 4th mini album this October.

| Fantagio Entertainment

According to the company, the group has already filmed the title track music video and completed their album jacket shoot. As such, many fans are expecting the comeback to premiere within the next month.

| @weki_meki/Instagram

The group’s latest comeback comes hot on the heels of their 3rd mini album, Hide and Seek, released less than three months ago. To date, the album has sold over 15,000 copies, while title track “Oopsy” sits at a combined 5 million views across two YouTube channels.

| Fantagio Entertainment

As of right now, Fantagio Entertainment is yet to reveal the exact details of Weki Meki’s comeback concept. But given how they’re known for their addictive performances and vibrant energy, fans are expecting another explosive earworm to hit the charts this fall.

| Fantagio Entertainment

While the pandemic has made it difficult for Weki Meki to meet up with their fanbase, Ki-ling, they were able to host an online 3rd anniversary fanmeeting broadcast last month.

| Fantagio Entertainment

Weki Meki only seems to be getting bigger and better as time goes by, so stay tuned for updates on their return!

Source: OSEN and Weki Meki Official Instagram (Image Credit)

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