Weki Meki’s Doyeon Shows Love And Support To APRIL’s Naeun By Sending A Coffee Truck To Her Drama Set

Queens supporting queens!

Weki Meki‘s Doyeon is the cutest friend ever, and APRIL‘s Naeun just confirmed it!

Naeun and Doyeon | @betterlee_0824/ Instagram

On February 17, Naeun uploaded a post on her Instagram that showed off her close friendship with Doyeon!

Naeun is currently filming for her latest drama Deluxe Taxi, and Doyeon sent a cute coffee truck to cheer her friend on!

The caption says,

You’re always touching (my heart), Dodo-yah [Naeun’s nickname for Doyeon]! #Deluxetaxi

On the banners of the coffee truck, Doyeon included some adorable messages of support for Naeun! The first banner says;

Naeun-ah, you’re filming well right? Eat heartily and gain strength! I’m always cheering for you.

-From your soulmate Doyeon


The second banner said,

Hwaiting to all the staff and actors of Deluxe Taxi. Please take care of our Go Eun-nie [Naeun’s character on Deluxe Taxi].

Doyeon also included some stickers with the banners!

I approve. The way I see it, Deluxe Taxi will hit daebak.

The two of them have such a precious, adorable friendship!

| @betterlee_0824/ Instagram Story

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