Makeup Artist Apologizes For His “Inappropriate” Comments Towards Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon

“You need to apologize to Kim Doyeon.”

Makeup artist Park Tae Yun came under fire when he posted a photo of Weki Meki‘s Kim Doyeon on his Instagram, with a caption describing his personal opinion on her beauty.

“This child is so pretty. There’s no trace of fillers, angles all around her face prove she’s a natural beauty with a bumpy nose.. Her beauty came to life even more after I angled her eyebrows. #KimDoyeon”

— Park Tae Yun


Although he painted the artist in a positive light, netizens criticized the makeup artists for “judging her face”. Many thought that Park Tae Yun was grading Doyeon as if she was a piece of meat and demanded that he apologize to her.

  • “Does being a makeup artist give you the right to judge her face..?”
  • “You should be apologizing to Kim Doyeon.”
  • “You could’ve complimented her beauty in any other way…”
  • “If you thought for even a second before posting it, you could’ve prevented this… Please be more careful when you post~”
  • “Wow you straight up judged her…”
  • “It doesn’t sound like you’re praising her. It’s just inappropriate judgement of her face.”


They also criticized him for supposedly shaming those who weren’t natural beauty. They believed he was inferring that those who got plastic surgery is inferior to “natural beauties”.

  • “Are you saying anyone who has a straight nose and no angles on their face got plastic surgery?”
  • “Natural beauty ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ wow……”
  • “Who the f*ck cares if you’re natural or not. If you’re pretty you’re pretty.”
  • “I would understand that you would have to know the characteristics of her face because you’re a makeup artist but what the f*ck does natural beauty have to do with anything? You have no right.”


After receiving a large amount of backlash for his caption, Park Tae Yun deleted the original post and uploaded an apology to those he offended.

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Hello, this is Park Tae Yun. I read each and every comment. As a makeup artist, I observe individuals’ faces. I didn’t realize that the caption I wrote to compliment someone’s beauty could offend others. I am very sorry for using he wrong expressions. I will learn from this and be more careful from now on.”

— Park Tae Yun

Source: KMIB and Instiz