Wendy Gifted Red Velvet’s Concert Staff With Presents Even While Still Recovering From Her Injuries

“Wendy is really an angel.”

Red Velvet‘s Wendy is still on a hiatus as she undergoes treatment and recovery for her severe injuries caused by Gayo Daejeon. She had to sit out from Red Velvet’s upcoming concert tour as she’s unable to perform at all.

Despite not being able to participate, Wendy proved her angelic persona once again by going out of her way to thank the concert staff.


Wendy’s close friend, comedian Kim Shin Young, revealed on a radio show that Wendy gifted the staff with letters and snacks for their hard work.

Red Velvet is preparing for their tour, but Wendy unfortunately can’t participate because of her injuries.

Even though she’s hurting, she gifted the staff with letters and snacks to thank them for their hard work.

— Kim Shin Young


Kim Shin Young was able to text Wendy and reassured fans that she’s doing alright.

I asked her if she was okay, and she responded telling me that she’s okay and wished me a happy new year.

— Kim Shin Young


Kim Shin Young couldn’t help but dote over Wendy’s caring nature as she claimed, “Wendy is really an angel. Seulgi and Wendy are too kind. When I started [this radio show], they brought me macarons and cake for Christmas.


Red Velvet are currently on tour in Japan for “Red Velvet Arena Tour In Japan – La Rouge”. They will be holding concerts in January to March, and it remains uncertain if Wendy will be able to join in the later dates.

Source: Top Star News

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