“Psycho” Producer Drew Scott Reveals How Hard Red Velvet’s Wendy Worked To Recover From Her Injuries

Wendy spent over a year on hiatus from performances after her injuries.

In a new interview with Amp U on YouTube, Drew Scott—one of the producers of Red Velvet‘s smash hit “Psycho”—revealed how hard Wendy worked to recover from the serious injuries she sustained in 2019.

On December 25, 2019, just days after Red Velvet released “Psycho”, main vocalist Wendy suffered a serious accident at a rehearsal for SBS Gayo Daejeon. After falling from a platform over two meters high, Wendy was left with a fractured pelvis as well as injuries to her face and wrist.

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Unsurprisingly, Wendy faced a long road to recovery in the aftermath of the accident. She spent two months hospitalized in Seoul before transitioning into outpatient rehabilitation. During that time, however, fans were given few updates about the seriousness of her condition.

Thankfully, Wendy was eventually able to make a full recovery. On January 1, 2021, she returned to the stage for the first time in over a year to perform with Red Velvet at the SMTOWN Live Culture Humanity Concert.

SMTOWN Live Culture Humanity Concert | SMTOWN/YouTube

In a new interview about his work in the K-Pop industry, “Psycho” producer Drew Scott shed some light on just how hard Wendy worked to get there.

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Drew Scott revealed he loves producing K-Pop songs for a variety of reasons, from the mashup of genres to the creative freedom. However, “The exciting part about it,” he said, “is that [the idols] work so hard.” Naturally, Scott brought up the situation of Wendy, whom he’s become close friends with over the past year.

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I mean, prior to this new year performance like one of the main girls, Wendy, she injured herself.  And she wasn’t able to perform with the group for like a year.

— Drew Scott

Sharing he has a “great relationship” with Wendy, Scott says the star kept him updated on her recovery. He went on to reveal that Wendy’s facial injuries were so severe, she had to have her jaw wired shut. Still, that never stopped her from striving to return to the stage.

Even when she wasn’t supposed to be singing because her mouth was kind of wired shut, she was practicing. She was still singing her part.

— Drew Scott

According to Scott, Wendy would watch the rest of her Red Velvet members performing and sing her parts alongside them. As soon as the condition of her pelvic injury improved and her hip began getting better, “she was back in rehearsal, rehearsing.”

Scott says that seeing the passion Wendy had to resume her idol career and the passion she had for “Psycho” made him “want to root for the song even more.” Of course, he wasn’t the only one rooting for it. Despite have no promotional cycle and only one OT5 performance until this year, “Psycho” became the biggest idol song of 2021 in South Korea according to Gaon. Certified Platinum in South Korea, the song also charted in the UK and New Zealand, won three awards, and racked up almost 250 million YouTube views.

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These days, Drew Scott says he considers ReVeluvs his “family“—”We talk about everything Red Velvet, we cry about everything Red Velvet, we celebrate everything Red Velvet.” When Wendy finally returned to the stage, Scott was just excited as fans were.

For [“Psycho“] to be my first placement in K-Pop and for it to have this much success, it’s just like wow. Wow.

— Drew Scott

Watch the full interview for yourself here:

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