Wendy Is Set To Grace NYLON Korea With Her Incredible Beauty

Wendy will be getting her first ever solo photo shoot.

Red Velvet’s Wendy is set to have her first ever solo photo shoot in the June issue of NYLON Korea magazine. Her incredible beauty and effortless charm will be gracing the pages of the magazine next month.

With her short hair and milky white skin, Wendy perfectly encapsulates the soft vibe that the photo shoot is trying to convey. The pastel shades the idol is dressed in accomplishes their task of highlighting her beauty.

Wendy also gave a brief interview for the magazine and we’ve picked out some of her most interesting answers. When asked how she spends her time on her days off, Wendy responded with:

Nowadays, I’m challenging myself in new hobbies. I connect a piano to the computer and listen to a wide variety of instrument, and I am continiously looking for good music. Also, my parents came to Korea for a while, so I meet them almost every day. I like watching my parents being happy to see me, seems I’ve matured a little.

– Wendy

After the interview complimented Wendy’s mochi-like skin, Wendy explained where she gets her unique tone from.

It’s passed down well from my parents. My skin tone is taken after my Dad, and the texture after my Mom. I do the fundamental care, but since my skin is sensitive, when there are troubles, I go for professional help instead of home care.

– Wendy

You can catch the rest of the photo shoot and interview in next month’s issue of NYLON Korea.

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