BTS’s Jin Confirms That “Run BTS!” Will Be Returning Soon

BTS’s popular variety show will be returning soon.

New episodes of Run BTS! are coming soon to a screen near you!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

BTS‘s chaotic variety show has been a fan favorite since it premiered in 2015. In each episode, the members play games, complete challenges, visit new places, and much more.

This summer, the show went on hiatus while BTS’s stay-cation show, In the SOOP, aired for eight weeks. Ever since the final episode ended, fans have been wondering when their beloved Run BTS! will make its comeback.

On October 16, a fan shared their entertaining idea for a new episode. They wrote, “Please do a Run BTS! episode where you read comments with [ARMY’s] gushing compliments. I’d like to see Jin oppa’s earns get red!”

Jin confirmed the show’s return with his reply.

We filmed Run BTS! today, but the episode content was completely unrelated to reading compliments!

— Jin

What will the new episode be about? We’ll just have to wait and see!