BTS’s V Sweetly Comforts A Fan Who Is Missing Jungkook

He consoled ARMY like a true friend.

In these difficult times, BTS and their fans are doing everything they can to stay together while apart.

If the COVID-19 pandemic hadn’t happened, BTS would have boarded a plane for their MAP OF THE SOUL tour in April, performed for ARMYs around the world, then returned home at the beginning of September.

Instead, the members have been separated from their fans for the longest amount of time since they debuted seven years ago.

Rather than dwell on what can’t be, BTS is focusing on what they can do: comfortings others with their music and words.

When one fan expressed how much they are missing Jungkookwas there to console them. “It seems like it’s out of nowhere,” the fan wrote on Weverse, “but suddenly, I miss Jungkook so much ㅠㅠ” 

In the comment section, V assured this fan that they will see Jungkook again in the future. The pandemic won’t last forever, and one day BTS and ARMY will be face to face again.

Someday, for certain

— V