BTS V’s LeJINdary Reality Check Has Us Waiting On Edge For Jin’s Reaction

Fans are dying to see how Jin will react to a comment made by V.

The one and only Worldwide Handsome is second to none…or is he?

According to Jin, he’s the only 10 in a world of 8s.

Speaking of the world, it’s his. The rest of us just live here.

This brilliant star isn’t about to let anything or anyone outshine him, but according to V, Jin has some competition.

On BTS Weverse, a fan asked, “Which one is more dazzling? A diamond or Jin?” 

Without any hesitation, V chose “diamond”.

When another fan replied with, “That’s so straightforward,” V just laughed.

Now, ARMYs are wondering how Jin is reacting to V’s choice.

A diamond is more dazzling than the great Kim Seokjin, aka ARMY’s “Moon”? Absolutely not.