WGM’s “Adam Couple” Jokwon and Ga In open up about their experiences on “We Got Married”

We Got Married 2 couple Jokwon and Ga In have finally reunited in a broadcast following their leave from the show in 2011 and have demonstrated that their “Adam Couple” chemistry is still very much alive despite the long hiatus.

The May 7th broadcast of Happy Together 3 featured Jokwon and Ga In, along with Kim Bum Soo, Park Joo Mi, and others. Since it was their first broadcast reunion, the MCs were quick to talk about Jokwon and Ga In’s previous relationship as they were one of the longest running couples on the virtual marriage show at one year and three months.

When the topic of Ga In’s relationship came up, Jokwon said, “The ‘Adam Couple’ still had many fans so I wanted to keep it going but the journey we had was ended abruptly as Ga In got in a relationship. The ‘Adam couple’ is probably the longest lasting couple. It went for around 1 year and 3 months. At that point, even I was confused whether it was friendship or if I really liked her. When you are involved in a dating rumor while you’re a virtual couple, it has a huge impact. At that point we both weren’t seeing anyone else.

Ga In spoke about their off air relationship as well, saying, “During then, I forced myself not to call him even when I was curious about his whereabouts. I tried to keep it professional and enjoyed the situation much like a couple who only see each other on weekends would.”

On Jokwon’s lack of initiative when it came to skinship on the show, Ga In confessed, “He was driving me crazy. Most times it’s the girl who gets shy about skinship but Jokwon was the other way around. I even began to think that maybe I had no allure. Even when I would lean on his shoulder outside of the shoot, he would just ignore me.”

To this, Jokwon responded, “I was really nervous because I was so young and I thought maybe if I made a move on her things would become serious and I felt like my heart would burst out of my chest at times.”
Netizens commented on the trip down memory lane saying “Awww I miss this couple” and “They matched so well!
The two reminisced about their time as the “Adam Couple” and Jokwon even teared up when they brought out their couple rings and called them “Break-up rings.” He seemed to be even more broken hearted during this second “official announcement” of their breakup than their initial leave from the show in 2011.
Source: MyDaily