Wharton Graduate Clyde Kelly Says His Life Changed After Participating In BTS’s “Black Swan”

He still doesn’t know how they found him.

Clyde Kelly graduated from Wharton School in 2018 with a MBA degree. After graduating, he joined McKinsey & Company, one of the three biggest consulting firms in the world.

Source: Clyde Kelly

He surprised his co-workers after requesting for a leave last year. They later found out that he had received a request to write a song for BTS’s new album Map of the Soul: 7.

Kelly had been making songs even before entering college and continued making music even after graduating and working at the firm. He received an email from Big Hit Entertainment last September asking him if he would like to participate in the making for BTS’s “Black Swan.”

Although he wasn’t familiar with Big Hit, he was aware that BTS was one of the biggest boy groups in the world.

He sent three songs to Big Hit after receiving their request and they used the latter two songs for the melody of “Black Swan.”

He expressed how much his life has changed after receiving that email from Big Hit last year. After the release of “Black Swan,” he has been receiving many requests for him to write songs.

He commented, “I have no idea why it happened to me,” as he still doesn’t know the company found and contacted him. He is also said to be working on new music for Big Hit’s other boy group TXT.

Watch the “Black Swan” performance below!