White Woman “Ranking” Asian Men’s Private Parts Sparks Viral Debate On Fetishization 

“That’s not what empowerment means.”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Videos shared by a popular Korean interview account have gone viral and launched a debate on topics like sex tourism and fetishization.

The creator known as I Am From Korea on multiple platforms is known for sharing street interviews with people in Korea, usually involving dating in the country.


Can you guess this handsome Korean guy?😂 #korea #streetinterview

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Recently, he interviewed a white-appearing woman, asking if she had dated Korean men. The woman replied that she had not dated Korean men but had one-night-stands with them, saying the experience “fell short” when asked.

From there, she describes how they “fell short,” bringing in Japanese men in comparison.

The interviewer then asked what the sample size she had sex with for Koreans, prompting her to describe the men she slept with as a “data pool” and state precisely how Japanese men were “better,” including penis size and “creativity.”

In the next video, she went more in-depth with the comparisons, remarking on size differences between Asians and Europeans.

She then described the sizes of Chinese men she slept with as a “consolation” for I Am From Korea, adding in a description of their privates.

The second first was reposted to X, where it went viral, and netizens on all platforms chimed in with their thoughts on the clips.

Many found her comments funny, appreciating her open attitude about sex and her commentary.




On the other hand, the videos have inspired much criticism for several reasons.

A woman openly discussing her sexual experiences and number of partners is not something she should be shamed for like many of the comments did. However, some felt that were it a man discussing women’s parts in the same “body shaming” way, reactions would have been vastly different.





Others found her comments to be fetishizing, even accusing her of participating in sex tourism.

According to the CDC, sex tourism is “travel for the specific purpose of procuring sex.” Usually, it occurs when those from high-income countries travel to places where cheap, commercial sex is readily available and has ties to sex trafficking.

Sex workers trying to attract foreigners in one of Thailand’s red light districts | NDR

Recent usage of the term has expanded to include those who fetishize specific demographics and travel to countries where they are to engage in sexual behaviors they do not have at home.

While some did not see her as a sex tourism traveler, many still felt that the way she spoke about Asian men as objects and experiences rather than people pointed to fetishization.


You can check out the second video in full below.

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