The whole cast of “Running Man” will be participating in upcoming Hong Kong fan meeting

For the first time ever, all seven cast members of Running Man will be joining and greeting fans at a scheduled fan meeting.

According to a local media, Hong Kong fans can expect to meet the whole cast in the upcoming July fan meeting. This will be the first time this has ever occurred.

Due to differing schedules of each Running Man members, never have all members participated in a fan meeting. For example, Yoo Jae Suk was finally able to appear at a January fan meeting in Taiwan, however, other members were absent due to other schedules.

In a telephone interview with Hong Kong officials, TV Report reports that schedules are being coordinated for this highly rare occurrence to take place. “We are still in discussion for all the members to make an appearance if possible,” sharing that there is a high possibility that it will occur.

Source: TV Report