The Wholesome Reason SHINee’s Key Is Performing At The 2021 International Council Of Nurses Congress

This is so sweet 🥺

SHINee‘s Key has the absolute sweetest reason for performing at this year’s International Council of Nurses (ICN) Congress!

SHINee’s Key | @bumkeyk/Instagram

The theme of the ICN Congress 2021 was Nursing Around the World. Due to the pandemic, the conference was held online, but nurses from all around the world tuned in to participate in the conference.

| International Council of Nurses

The conference had an impressive lineup of speakers and special guests, including Oprah, Pope Francis, and Key! The K-Pop superstar sent in a “message of support and thanks” that was played during the conference’s opening ceremony.

| @ICNurses/Twitter

In addition to his message for the opening ceremony, Key performed at the conference. He performed his solo track “BAD LOVE.”

| @bumkeyk/Instagram

Key’s reason for supporting the conference was revealed in the ICN newsletter. The newsletter stated that “Key, whose mother is a nurse, welcomed the opportunity to show the band’s appreciation of the nursing profession, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

| International Council of Nurses

Key decided to show his support for his mother’s profession and all her fellow nurses around the world in the best way he knew how—through his music! We’re sure his mother was proud to see her son show support for nurses all over the globe!

Source: ICN