Wife Of Legendary K-Pop Singer Is Criticized For Openly Supporting Yoo Ah In Amid Drug Scandal

“Is she crazy? What the hell is she doing?”

Kim Song, who is best known for being the wife of singer and member of the legendary K-Pop group Clon, Kang Won Rae, is being criticized after openly supporting disgraced actor Yoo Ah In.

Kim Song (left) and Kang Won Rae (right) | JoongAng Ilbo
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On March 28, Yoo Ah In, who is being investigated for numerous allegations of drug use, posted on his Instagram for the first time since his drug scandal.

Yoo Ah In Reaches Out To Fans And Colleagues In His First Instagram Post Since Drug Scandal

In his Instagram post, Yoo Ah In apologized to both his fans and his colleagues.

This is Yoo Ah In.

After being investigated by the police, I didn’t give a full apology. I once again would like to apologize to those who have supported me and loved me for this unsavory incident.

I am sorry.

And I would like to send an apology to those who have worked with me on movies, dramas, and advertisements. I deeply regret not taking my responsibilities seriously, and I would like to apologize to each of my colleagues who strived to reach for a dream and a goal. I am sorry for causing you harm. I will work towards taking full responsibility.

Despite so many of you supporting me and giving me love, I am embarrassed to realize that I was harming myself as an actor. And through these mistakes, I have brought great harm to many people. I am sorry.

As the incident was brought to light and during my time of reflection, I realized that my mistake was inexcusable. The excuses that I made for myself were ultimately wrong, and isn’t able to cover up for my mistakes.

I will continue with the investigations faithfully, and I will gladly take on the criticism and punishment by law.

I apologize again.

I am sorry.

— Yoo Ah In

Many fans commented on Yoo Ah In’s post to voice their support for the actor.

  • “I am such a big fan. I even started Instagram because of you. I sincerely hope you recover your health physically and mentally.”
  • “It’s not like you hurt anybody. It isn’t too late to look bat at yourself and return to the cool Hong Sik (real name) you used to be.”
  • “You can make a mistake, but don’t ever do it again. Heed these words. Gather your strength, and don’t think about anything else except beating this courageously.”
  • “I hope you return soon with a good project ^^.”
  • Oppa… Please take care of yourself and return healthy.
  • “You have my unwavering support.”
  • “You are my favorite actor.”

Netizens were, however, surprised to see Kim Song voice her support for the actor as well.

I’m waiting for you ~~ You know I’ve been your number one fan from day one, right? You’re so loyal!!!

— Kim Song

Netizens criticized Kim Song for overtly supporting the actor, with many stating how inappropriate it was for her to comment publicly.

  • “It’s best to support him privately through Kakao Talk.”
  • “Is she crazy? What the hell is she doing?”
  • “Is she crazy? Is criminal law a joke to her?”
  • “She’s dumb AF. Who are the celebrities that liked the post?”
  • “What is wrong with her?… She is someone who has kids too…”
  • “Are her brains fried?”
  • “Huh? LOL, seeing this, I feel like criminals shouldn’t be allowed to appear on TV, LOL. I wish they’d kick out all the criminals in 2023.”
  • “Huh? Are you calling a druggie a loyal person? What type of loyalty did he show you?…”

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