Wife Of Second-Generation Idol Alleges She Was Recently Ghosted After Lending Money To A Former Fan

“I broke my promise to my husband…”

Influencer and actress Choi Ye Seul, who married MBLAQ‘s G.O, revealed that she had been ghosted by a former fan after lending them money.

Choi Ye Seul (left) and G.O (right) | @yeseul0104/Instagram

On April 25, Choi Ye Seul revealed the news through her Instagram post.

In her post, the actress begins by stating that when she first married her husband, they had promised each other never to borrow or lend money.

When I first married my husband, we made a few rules. Because many of them are obvious ones, I’ll tell you one. We promised each other to never borrow money and to never lend people money. Although we could give money to people, we promised never to lend it.

— Choi Ye Seul

The influencer continued by stating that she recently had broken that promise and had let an acquaintance borrow money.

I’m not sure why a young couple spoke about this, but the common stories about people who lend out money, only to later beg for their money back, made a big impression on me. Despite this, I broke the promise, and I became the person begging (for the return of their money).

— Choi Ye Seul

Choi Ye Seul then revealed that the acquaintance she had lent out money to was someone that she had been thankful for. According to the influencer, the person was a former fan that she became close to over the years.

There is a group of friends that have liked me for a long time and who I am thankful for. They made a fan cafe for me when I was an actress and wrote me letters and made beautiful pictures for me. They were people who gave me strength. When I quit being an actress and became a YouTuber, they, thankfully, supported me. I asked a few memorable people for their phone numbers, and although not often, I wanted to express my thanks by sending them gift emoticons and asking how they were doing.

— Choi Ye Seul

Choi Ye Seul then stated that one of her fans then DMed her and asked to borrow money, a request she obliged. But when the day the fan promised to pay her back arrived, the fan had ghosted her.

There was one person out of this group who would close her social media accounts when their mental health suffered. A couple of days ago, I received a DM in which they said they were in urgent need of money. They told me they would pay me back by Monday. After debating, I lent them a small amount of money. I trusted my friend and broke the promise to my husband.

When the promised day arrived, and I asked how they were doing, the situation was like I feared. Despite being active on social media, the person didn’t respond to my texts and suddenly turned their account private. Although I am saying this after the fact, if they did not make me beg for the money, I wouldn’t have received the money out of guilt that I couldn’t help them more.

— Choi Ye Seul

Choi Ye Seul then expressed regret and remorse for breaking her promise to her husband and not being able to help the fan more. The influencer goes on to wish her fan the best in life and for them to be happy.

Since the promised day, which was yesterday, I have been blaming myself. I broke my promise to my husband. That is why I feel even worse. It’s okay (if the fan) never contacts me again, and they don’t need to return the money. And I am sincerely sorry that I couldn’t help them out more. I hope the rest of their days are full of happiness. Thank you for supporting me until now, and I am sincerely thankful.

Lastly, this incident taught me that if our acquaintances asked to borrow money, I couldn’t lend it to them. Not only do we not have the money, I hate begging after lending it out, and I hate blaming myself for it.

— Choi Ye Seul

Meanwhile, Choi Ye Seul married her husband, G.O, after one year of dating in 2019. The couple runs a YouTube channel together where they actively engage with fans.

Source: wikitree