WINNER Fans Speculate Comeback Or Jinwoo Solo Debut After YG’s Mysterious Post

So much speculation behind one post!

Yang Hyun Suk uploaded a mysterious post onto Instagram and WINNER fans are going rampant with rumors about a group comeback or a possible solo debut for member Jinwoo!

The post featured a beautiful photo of Jinwoo laying down on a bed of soft white fur, as he gazes up with his signature dreamy eyes!

jinwoo debut solo rumor

Yang Hyun Suk didn’t leave much information as he simply captioned the post, “who are u ?” But Inner Circles are certain its the beginning teaser for WINNER’s comeback!

winner jinwoo comeback solo

It may just be true as YG Entertainment announced earlier this season that WINNER is working on their 3rd full album, set to drop “soon”.

winner jinwoo solo rumor dbeut


However, with the string of each BLACKPINK members working on their solo debut, fans also wonder if the teaser is actually for a surprise solo debut by Jinwoo!

winner jinwoo solo rumor

Whether it’s comeback news, debut news or something completely different, WINNER fans are beyond ecstatic!

winner jinwoo debut solo rumor

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