WINNER’s “EVERYDAY” Banned From Broadcast On KBS

WINNER’s new title track “EVERYDAY” was banned from broadcasting on KBS.

WINNER‘s latest new title track “EVERYDAY” has been deemed unfit for broadcasting on KBS. The song will not be used in any of its shows and the group will not be able to perform the song on KBS if they don’t adjust their lyrics.


The song was banned because of Song Mino’s rap lyrics that contain the word “lotto”, which is short for “lottery”.

KBS deems the word unfit as it refers to a specific product brand.


The same situation happened for EXO’s “LOTTO” back in 2016.

The song was banned by KBS for the same reason.


WINNER’s leader Kang Seungyoon went on KBS’s Lee Sooji’s Music Factory to reveal how disappointed they were to hear that their song was banned.

“We can’t sing ‘EVERDAY’ live because it was banned from KBS. We can’t turn on the song either. We hope we’ll be able to perform it another day.” — Seungyoon


Although they weren’t able to listen or perform the song on radio today, they revealed that they’ve submitted a version with the word “lotto” revised to something else. They’re now waiting for KBS to give them the okay to perform/air the revised version.

“It’s not a big deal to switch the word, and we’ve submitted a revised version. As long as KBS gives us the permission, we’ll be able to perform it on KBS next time.” — Seungyoon


Until then, WINNER will be actively performing their new song through SBS and MBC!

Thankfully, “EVERYDAY” has passed broadcast inspection for SBS and MBC.

Source: OSEN