WINNER Fans Attack ADIDAS Instagram For Deleting WINNER Pictures From Feed

“ADIDAS is a joke.”

In light of the recent controversies surrounding YG Entertainment and drugs, the apparel brand ADIDAS removed all WINNER images from its Instagram feed. This angered some fans who are now bombarding the brand’s Instagram account with hate comments and promises to boycott its products.


The removing of WINNER pictures happened allegedly since the news of WINNER‘s Seunghoon being somewhat directly involved in the case. WINNER had first endorsed ADIDAS back in 2014 and have continued to promote their products until recently. Some WINNER fans are now outraged that the brand is seemingly “cutting ties with the group” when “WINNER always tried their best at promoting ADIDAS”.


The brand’s feed is now receiving criticism on its posts unrelated to WINNER. Some fans are offended that only WINNER pictures were deleted, while BLACKPINK‘s pictures have been kept – when both of the groups belong to YG Entertainment. The enraged fans are requesting that the brand explains why only the boy group’s pictures were taken down.


The brand is yet to respond to the amount of hatred being spread on their social media account. Meanwhile, other WINNER fans and Korean netizens are voicing their concerns for these irritated fans’ behaviors and calling for peace.

Inner Circles, please stop hating. The marketing industry is very sensitive to reputation. There is nothing we can do about this. Leaving comments like these only makes WINNER look bad. Thank you, ADIDAS, for the good collaborations.

— Instagram User @khj9784

I understand how reputation works in the marketing industry. Thank you for the beautiful photoshoots you’ve done with WINNER. We hope there will be a next time. Thank you! And to the Inner Circles leaving hate here, what you’re doing only makes WINNER look bad. This is business, it’s only professional. Please be logical.

— Instagram User @dnlsjsm1

Inner Circles, I understand this is heartbreaking. But marketing has a direct impact on revenue. This must have been an inevitable decision for the brand as a business. And stop talking about the other group. We know how it feels when other fandoms attack our group for no reason. We shouldn’t do the same to their group. Please refrain.

— Instagram User @wnrfvr

Source: THEQOO