WINNER and iKON albums continue to be delayed alongside BIGBANG comeback

WINNER and iKON’s albums are at risk to be delayed following the possible change of dates in BIGBANG’s comeback. 

As news on the possible delay in the release of BIGBANG’s comeback were published, fans have expressed their concern on its effect towards WINNER’s comeback and iKON’s debut. It can be recalled that YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk previously stated that BIGBANG, WINNER and iKON will be making releases a month after one another starting in April and was further quoted saying, “Prior to the end of this year, following BIGBANG as the lead, WINNER and iKON both will release new albums as well. Three teams are busily preparing for their albums.”

However, despite the speculations over their pending delay, YG Entertainment has reassured fans that BIGBANG’s album release date and concert dates are yet to be finalised. The final decision for such will be confirmed by the agency next week.

It was also clarified that WINNER and iKON will not be performing as opening acts on BIGBANG’s concerts denying previous reports.

As all three groups are initially speculated to be coming out in months of April, May and June, BIGBANG will be returning with a comeback album, followed by WINNER and iKON’s debut.