WINNER is BANNED from performing “Island” on KBS

KBS recently announced that WINNER’s “Island” was too inappropriate for its broadcasts.

They explained that a specific line in the lyrics of “Island” contained homosexual references.

“Like shaking a cocktail / I want to be mixed in with you on the sofa”

— WINNER’s “Island”

KBS gave two reasons for the ban, the first was the discussion of intercourse.

“It contains expressions relating to sexual relations between a man and woman”


The second was not explained and added at the end of the statement with no further explanation.

“… or homosexuality.”


WINNER’s “Love Me Love Me”, however, was deemed appropriate for KBS’s broadcasting standards, and wasn’t banned.

They will be promoting their comeback with both “Love Me Love Me” and “Island” at various other broadcasting stations.

Source: Xports News