YG Artist Sent Yang Hyun Suk A Message Using BTS’s Emoticon And Fans Can’t Get Over It

Fans are even wondering what he could have meant by using BTS’s emoticons!

Yang Hyun Suk recently uploaded an Instagram post confirming that WINNER finished recording their next album. He also posted a screenshot of a conversation he had with the members.


He wished them luck in their recordings, and the members all replied back in their own way. But fans noticed that Jinwoo used a special emoticon that no one expected from a YG artist!


Jinwoo replied back by using BTS‘s BT21 emoticon! He specifically used the adorable cookie named Shooky.


Shooky is a character designed by member Suga!


Fans are more than excited to see this unexpected interaction between WINNER and BTS!


But who could resist these adorable characters from BT21?!

BT21 emoticons available on LINE messenger.


Hopefully there’ll be more interactions between the two groups too!

Source: Nate Pann
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