This Popular Idol Just Downed A Bottle Of Soju On Stage And Didn’t Give A F**k

He made that soju disappear in an impressive record time!

WINNER recently performed at Hanyang University’s ERICA Campus, where Mino suddenly spotted a few students drinking soju. The crowd then began cheering for the members to take a shot with them.


Instead of all of the members drinking, Lee Seunghoon offered Kim Jinwoo to take a drink as he has the strongest alcohol tolerance.


Jinwoo first was hesitant but when Lee Seunghoon claimed he needed to do it to prove to the students that they were going to go all out tonight as if they were drunk, Jinwoo agreed!


The rest of the members claimed that despite Jinwoo’s fairy-like image, he actually has another personality that comes out when he drinks. The crowd then began to chant for Jinwoo to down the whole bottle!

How is Jinwoo’s image? He’s pretty like an angel and nice but when he drinks another side to him comes out!

— WINNER Members


Jinwoo then took the bottle of soju and actually began to down it!


And he kept going and going, with half of the bottle gone in seconds! He had only stopped mid-way because the rest of the members told him to stop!


Needless to say, the Inner Circles gave a big roar for Jinwoo probably being the first idol to ever drink to much on stage right in front of the audience!

This just proved once again that whenever WINNER comes to play, they play hard! Check out the full iconic moment below!