WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon Unleashes His Inner Fanboy As He Gushes About Sunmi

He’s a huge fan of the stunning solo artist!

WINNER‘s Kang Seungyoon let out his inner fanboy while praising Sunmi!

On the latest episode of K-Pop Lyrics Helper Season 2, Seungyoon and guitarist Kim Tae Won analysed the lyrics of Sunmi’s 2017 hit song, “Gashina”.

Prior to analysing the lyrics of the song, Kang Seungyoon gave a bit of background on Sunmi’s illustrious career, and also revealed that he’s actually a huge fan of hers!

| @miyayeah/ Instagram

Sunmi first made her debut in the girl group Wonder Girls in 2007, and made her solo debut in 2013! Personally…she’s a solo artist I really like!

—Kang Seungyoon

He then shared a story about meeting her at an award show, praising her stunning beauty on camera!

If I were to share a story… [It was] At an award show. It was around the time I was into taking photos, so I always carried around a camera with me. Since I was carrying a camera, Sunmi came over to me and suddenly posed for me to take a photo of her! So I did!

After that, I was editing my photos once I got home, and her photo came out so well!

—Kang Seungyoon

Kang Seungyoon then revealed that he hopes to get closer to Sunmi, enough for him to give her that photo of her himself!

If she watches this, I hope I can give her that photo.

—Kang Seungyoon

Watch Kang Seungyoon fanboy over Sunmi from the 2:00 mark here!