WINNER’s Lee Seunghoon Reveals Details About His Nude Scene From Their “SOSO” Music Video

He confessed that he’s lonely and scarred on the inside.

WINNER dropped their latest music video for “SOSO”, and Lee Seunghoon‘s particular scene caught the eyes of many. In brief segments in the music video, Seunghoon is seen completely nude as he sits in front of multiple mirrors ahead of him.


The artistic scene shows him covering himself with his head down cast.


He then finally opens up fully as he reaches out and looks up at the sky.


During a recent interview, Lee Seunghoon opened up about his nude scene, explaining that it represented his true self. He wanted to show his true inner image, rather than the embellished one of him as a celebrity.

Even though my career as a celebrity may seem extravagant, I wanted to visually express my honest self that is lonely and scarred on the inside.

I wanted to show my sincere side without all of the vibrant hairstyles and accessories that embellish my image.

I took on the challenge of having a nude scene in order to show my most completely honest self.

— Lee Seunghoon


The scene also stands for everyone who has ever been hurt and tried to hide their scars. He explained, “I thought of it as an image that represents the people in today’s society who are hurting.


As expected of a visual and creative King who always seeks to fully express himself!


Check out WINNER’s full music video for “SOSO” below:

Source: Spotv News