WINNER Reveals Only Mino Is Allowed To Call Yang Hyun Suk By This Special Name

Only BIGBANG was allowed to call him by this name before.

During a recent No. 1 win for Mino during Inkigayo, he rapped his congratulatory speech where he mentioned Yang Hyun Suk by the formal title of “Father Yang” (which could also be interpreted as adoptive father).


After viewing the speech, Yang Hyun Suk personally posted about Mino on his Instagram, telling him to call him “Yang hyung (older brother” from now on.


Previously, the only YG artists to call him by this nickname were the members of BIGBANG. That privilege was only given to G-Dragon for a long time as well!


Although Mino has been given the special privilege after his recent reign on the charts with ‘FIANCÉ’, the rest of the members have yet to receive the “honor”!

“The close friendship ability to call [Yang Hyun Suk] hyung was only given to Mino.

Only Mino can call him that.”

— Seungyoon


Seungyoon revealed that he hopes the rest of the members will be able to call him “hyung” by getting 1st place with their upcoming album, “MILLIONS”.

“We might be able to call him that once we get 1st place [with our new album].”

— Seungyoon


But even still, Mino confessed that he hasn’t called him by the new honorary nickname.

“Even after seeing his post, I still felt like I couldn’t call him ‘hyung’. He’s always been ‘boss’ to me.”

— Mino


After being pushed by the hosts and members to try out the new nickname, Mino hesitated before shyly calling YG, ‘hyung‘! Even still, Mino says he prefers to call him ‘Boss’!

“This was my first time [calling him ‘hyung’]. It was uncomfortable because he’s the same age as my mom.

I feel more comfortable calling him ‘boss’.”

— Mino


Here’s to the day all of the WINNER members can call YG ‘hyung‘!