WINNER’s Mino Has Fans Shook With His Confident Summer Airport Fashion

The cold never bothered him anyway.

WINNER‘s Mino shook fans with his airport fashion. He was wearing a nice striped blazer with loose slacks and a belt. But what caught fan’s eyes was…

… the lack of an inner shirt. And the Supreme underwear, of course.

Many wondered if he felt cold that day, but are reassured since it’s summer. Still, many hope that he brought an extra shirt to help if he feels chilly in the airplane. Some found it amusing, bringing up once he has to check baggage, he’ll be shirtless in the middle of the airport.

Many agree that it would be great as a stage outfit, but might be a little too flashy for the airport. Regardless, Song Mino definitely rocked the outfit and he pulled out with swag and confidence!

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