WINNER’s Mino Hides A Winning Lotto Ticket In Seoul For Fans To Find — Here’s How Much It’s Worth

“I’m hiding this ticket in Hapjeung-dong in Seoul. Come and find it…”

It seems WINNER‘s Mino (also known as Song Mino) is a fan of treasure hunts, but who isn’t?

Whether it’s on Easter or a trip to the Grandline, hunting for treasure is a timeless activity.

But like everything else in life, treasure hunts take on a whole different level of fun when a winning lotto ticket is involved.

WINNER’s Mino, in a now-deleted Instagram story, uploaded a winning scratchers ticket.

Winning lotto ticket | @realllllmino/Instagram

The rapper seemed to have trouble redeeming his winning ticket and asked his fans how much the winning ticket was worth.

“Huh? Wait, how much did I win? What is this? Why is the code not reading? How much is this worth?!”

— Mino

Unable to redeem his winnings, the rapper told fans that he was hiding the ticket for anyone to find in Seoul.

This QR code isn’t working. I’m hiding this ticket in Hapjeung-dong in Seoul. Come and find it.

— Mino

Before treasure-hunting fans book a flight to Korea, it’s paramount that fans understand precisely how much money is at stake.

So, how much was the ticket worth? The picture shows the rapper scratched the same three numbers in a row, clearly showing that the winning ticket is worth…

₩2,000 KRW (about $1.53 USD).

Winning lotto ticket | @realllllmino/Instagram

Needlessly to say, there weren’t many fans looking for the ticket.

One way for fans to quell their disappointment is listening to WINNER’s recent comeback album.

The group made their long-awaited return with their fourth mini-album HOLIDAY.

WINNER members from left to right: Kang Seung Yoon, Kim Jinwoo, Lee Seunghoon, and Mino | YG Entertainment

In fact, the group’s lead single, “I LOVE YOU,” is receiving rave reviews from fans.

| YG Entertainment

Netizens reacted to the song on an online post that has been viewed over 250K times.

  • “WINNER songs are its own genre.”
  • “Seriously, this song is legendary. ‘I LOVE YOU’ is WINNER-Pop. It’s so perfect for the lead single, and the other songs on the album are also great.”
  • “Let’s win number one ㅠ.”
  • “The song totally allows you to go on a vacation in your room.”
  • “The song ‘Sweet Home’ is also pretty good.”

Check out the MV for WINNER’s “I LOVE YOU” in the link below!

Source: Money Today