WINNER Mino And Jinwoo Kissed Each Other While Wearing Lipstick

WINNER’s Mino and Jinwoo recently appeared on KBS’ Lee Hong Ki’s Kiss The Radio where they ended up kissing each other!

The group was playing a game, and Seunghoon suggested that the losers had to put on lipstick and give the other a big kiss.

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Mino and Jinwoo ended up losing, and came through on the penalty.

This penalty comes on the heels of KBS actually banning their newest song, ISLAND, from being performed.

KBS deemed the song to have inappropriate lyrics, and so won’t be letting the group perform it on KBS shows. 

However, the second song WINNER is currently promoting, “Love Me Love Me” has been approved by KBS.

Check out WINNER’s ISLAND below!

Source: SBS