WINNER Fans Unexpectedly Ask Mino To End His Live Broadcast Early For One Touching Reason

Mino seemed surprised but touched by the request.

WINNER‘s Mino recently held three live broadcasts for fans while he went backpacking. During the live broadcasts, the idol impressed fans with his survival skills, like building his tent.

Fans felt peaceful watching the live broadcasts, especially since Mino seemed to be using the trip as healing time as well.

But even though fans loved watching Mino relax, they unexpectedly asked the idol to end the broadcast quickly when Mino admitted that he’d forgotten to bring a power bank for his phone and already had low battery.

Although they were grateful that Mino spent so much time broadcasting his experience with them, they wanted him to prioritize his safety.

Especially since fans were surprised by his packing decisions.

Even though Mino had to end his broadcast earlier than planned, there’s no denying that he loves his fans, always wanting to share precious moments with them, and they love him too, always looking out for his well-being.