WINNER Mino’s Mom Kept A Shocking Secret About His Birth Until Now

WINNER’s Seungyoon and Mino revealed a shocking secret that Mino’s mom had been holding onto for 25 years about his birth.

During their past concert in Thailand, WINNER Mino‘s mom came to watch them perform. Afterwards, she bought them a nice meal before dropping a bomb on them.

She revealed that Mino was actually born in 1992, not 1993!

“We had a concert in Bangkok, Thailand, and Mino’s mom came to watch. She bought us a delicious Korean meal afterwards.

All of a sudden, she said, ‘I reported Mino’s birth certificate wrong. He’s actually the same age as Seunghoon. He was born in 1992.’

We were so shocked! I wondered why she finally decided to tell us after 5 years of promoting together.”

— Seungyoon


To make matters even more shocking, Mino never knew about it until she dropped the secret in front of all of his members!

“I didn’t know until that moment too.”

— Mino


Mino was always listed as being born on March 30, 1993. However, his mom explained that she filed his birth certificate wrong. He was actually born a year earlier!

Baby photo of Song Mino.


Seungyoon revealed that their family dynamic has become a little complicated within the group now. Seungyoon and Mino always treated each other as friends of the same age because of their similar birthdays. But now he’s technically supposed to be his hyung (older brother)!

“Our family order became a little complicated now.

I was only a little under a year younger than Mino before. But he was actually born in 1992, so he’s supposed to be a hyung to me. But we’ve always spent the years as friends!”

— Seungyoon


The new revelation would make Mino same-aged friends with Seunghoon (born January 11, 1992), even though Mino always called him hyung.

“Mino is now supposed to be friends with Seunghoon because they were both born in 1992.”

— Seungyoon


And Seunghoon and Jinwoo has always treated each other as same-aged friends because of their similar birthdays (Jinwoo was born on September 26, 1991). That means Mino and Jinwoo can treat each other as same-aged friends too!

“Seunghoon was born in 1992, so he’s my hyung. But Seunghoon was born in January of 1992 so he’s friends with Jinwoo.”

— Seungyoon


As Seungyoon always considered himself as same-aged friends with Mino, he included himself in the new same-aged friendship revelation by claiming that all of the members are simply friends now without any hyung-dongsaeng* (*younger sibling) dynamic!

“So now we’re all just friends!”

— Seungyoon


Mino and Seunghoon immediately got up in joking rage as they revealed that everyone except Seungyoon were friends and that Seungyoon was the only dongsaeng!

“I can consider up to Mino a friend, but I draw the line at Seungyoon. There’s a difference.”

— Seunghoon


Despite the new shocking revelation, it appears the members don’t really care as they’re all a close knit family!

Source: Newsen