WINNER’s Mino Explains His New Self-Given Name “Digital Gunman”

He’s made a comeback with a brand-new persona!

WINNER‘s Mino has made his solo comeback after a year, and has come back with a brand-new persona called “Digital Gunman”!

Mino | YG Entertainment

Mino’s latest comeback album is titled To Infinity, with the title track “Tang! ♡”. To celebrate his comeback, he held a showcase prior to the release of the song, where he talked about his new persona, “Digital Gunman”!

| YG Entertainment

Mino stated that “Digital Gunman” is a character he created for this particular comeback, because it acts as a bridge between his two concepts for the comeback, retro cowboy and new-age digital!

For my new album, I wanted to breathe life into a new character that speaks for me. Since I wanted it to look a bit old-fashioned, I decided to reinterpret a cowboy of the old days in my own way and added a digital twist to it. So I also used an emoji in the title of the lead single, Tang! ♡.


He also talked about his new song “Tang! ♡”, and shared how it is a love story about someone willing to do anything for love.

My title track is a story about a passionate lover. If you look at the lyrics, the lover tries to do all their best to gain love but fails to do so every time because they are unskilled and not good at love.


You can listen to Mino’s latest song “Tang! ♡” here!

Source: The Korea Times and The Korea Herald