WINNER’s Mino Suffered From Panic Disorder, Here’s How He Coped With It

His story is inspirational.

In a recent interview, Song Mino confessed to have suffered from a panic disorder which was mainly due to his many responsibilities and overwhelming thoughts. 

“Everyone has a hard time. At the start of the year, I suddenly struggled with panic disorder because of various responsibilities and thoughts. 

I had a hard time, and I was crazy to work on my album. I felt overwhelmed when I was alone at home. But I have been blessed with a lot of things, along with my talents.” 

— Song Mino


His talents were crucial for him to cope with the disorder. He confessed to have leaned towards painting pictures and working on songs as part of his recovery. 


It led fans to think that his latest solo release might have been a hint of his own journey of overcoming these personal struggles.


It’s fortunate that he has his own coping strategies to handle it. Something that may resonate to his own fans too!

Source: YGLIFE and XSportsNews