WINNER’s Mino Exposed His New Tattoos While Wearing A Tank And They’re Sexy As Hell

Can this man get any sexier?!

WINNER‘s Mino is well known for expressing his creative mind onto his body through beautifully decorated tattoos. It’s become a part of his style that makes it solely him.

Mino’s well known to add to his collection whenever he goes on break, and considering how WINNER isn’t on a promotional cycle these days, Mino welcomed more designs into his family!

Mino held a live broadcast for his fans, and fans were delighted – I mean, surprised to see him wearing nothing but a loose tank top and shorts!

Through his summer outfit, fans got a clearer look into the many decorative artworks on his body.

While most were already well known among fans, Mino took the time to introduce some new ones, as well as explain the meaning of his older ones!

From his arms, legs, front, and back, Mino has beautiful tattoos that line his body with deep meanings, as well as some just for some witty fun!

Needless to say, every single part of Mino looked sexy as hell! Despite his messy hair and his super at-home outfit, Mino stole the breaths of Inner Circles everywhere!

And ICs blew up Twitter with praise and love for his many eccentric designs! With small tattoos added in nearly on an annual basis, even the fans are having a hard time keeping up with all of Mino’s tattoos!

During the broadcast, Mino revealed that he’s working hard on his next album. So will we see new music by WINNER/Mino first or will Mino be doodling more on his body again?