WINNER’s Mino Referred To Yang Hyun Suk As His “Current Girlfriend”

“(Chairman Yang) is my current girlfriend. Haha.”

In a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, WINNER’s Mino, who has been experiencing extraordinary success this year, referred to Yang Hyun Suk as his “current girlfriend”.


Mino had previously mentioned in another interview that YG Entertainment‘s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, took care of him like a girlfriend. He elaborated on the statement:

“I was thankful that during my solo album preparations, he kept giving me feedback and was concerned about me even during late hours. That’s why I said he was like a girlfriend. But I really think Chairman Yang is really energetic. Not only regarding me, but he is always concerned with other work until late in the night and then asks, ‘How did the mixing go?’ or ‘How did that go?’ early in the morning. It’s really amazing how he takes care of and manages us.”

ㅡ Mino


After the success of Mino’s first solo album “XX”, the idol is now preparing for a comeback with his fellow WINNER members. When asked whether Yang Hyun Suk still seems like a girlfriend to Mino now, he replied:

“(Chairman Yang) is my current girlfriend. Haha. I think he will be my girlfriend until the day our track is released.”

ㅡ Mino


Moreover, Mino explained that he has been gaining strength from the CEO’s actions and words lately.

“I’ve been hearing a lot (of encouraging words). I think he is happier about the results of my solo promotions than I am. His personality is cold on the outside and warm on the inside. He tends to scold more than compliment but after the past performance, he’s been very caring. Recently, I passed by him at the YG building and he called me ‘No. 1 singer Mino’ in a totally different voice and tone. It was very shocking. Those things are encouraging.”

ㅡ Mino


Meanwhile, WINNER’s new single “MILLIONS” is set to be released on December 19, so stay tuned!

Source: Ilgan Sports