WINNER Confirmed To Be Preparing A New Comeback, Reportedly Their Last Before Military Enlistment

Get ready for WINNER 2020!

WINNER is officially preparing for their comeback, and they’ve got their eyes on March! Reports claimed that they’ve finished filming their album jacket and is now finishing up their recordings. The new title song was written by Song Mino, who is well known for his songwriting talents for previous works with WINNER and his solo tracks.

YG Entertainment confirmed that the group is currently gearing up for their comeback but did not have any specifics to announce as of yet.

WINNER is preparing for their album. We will announce the specific details later on.

— YG Entertainment

This will be their first comeback in about 5 months. Their last album was “CROSS”, which dropped in October of last year.

Reports also claim that this will be the last album WINNER releases as a complete group in a while as the members have to start enlisting in the military this year. Jinwoo and Seunghoon, who are both 28 years old, will have to enlist by the end of the year.

The members have been teasing their comeback since before the recent confirmation by YG. Mino had uploaded a photo of himself in the recording studio with the caption, “Excited for the album.”

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Stay tuned for more updates on WINNER’s comeback in March!

Source: Newsen