WINNER Addresses The Possibility Of A Reunion With Nam Taehyun

The WINNER members revealed that a reunion with Nam Taehyun may be possible if all the cards fall into place.

WINNER recently held an interview with Sportsworld, where they talked about how the group has changed since the departure of Nam Taehyun. First they discussed how the group dynamic shifted after Taehyun left. With 4 members instead of 5, they mentioned the difficulties of not having a set center.

“Idol groups are generally centered around odd numbers of members because they want to make their performance around the center. We were worried at first when we reorganized our group and became 4 members. With no center, it became harder to concentrate [on choreography] and it became difficult.”


The group was able to figure out how to work on their choreography with only 4 members and credited Jinwoo and his vocals for helping fill the gap left by Nam Taehyun.

WINNER also gave their thoughts on a reunion with Taehyun, who has recently been working on his own band.

“We’ve been very busy and Nam Taehyun has been too. We don’t talk to each other very often. We can’t be sure about a reunion to be honest. The five of us are like a symbol, being selected through a survival program. If there is a chance, someday we may return as five. But we all would need to prepare for that.”


Source: Sportsworld