WINNER to promote double title comeback tracks created by Seungyoon

WINNER’s comeback is getting closer and closer to D-Day and more details are being revealed about their upcoming album.

On March 14, it was reported that WINNER will return with tracks composed by Kang Seungyoon. Kang Seungyoon reportedly participated in the composition and lyric writing for both tracks and was named co-composer.

Both fo these tracks will be promoted and used as the title tracks for their comeback album. YG Entertainment confirmed details of the group’s comeback to multiple media sources, officially marking the start of the groups promotional campaign.

“WINNER is preparing for a comeback by early April. We plan to make it by the first week. We hope that we will be bable to show WINNER’s new image with Seungyoon’s own songs.”

— YG Entertainment

Information regarding WINNER double title track comeback was first leaked in January after they were spotted filming for two new music videos. The members were spotted as they traveled to Los Angeles, California for both music videos.

Source: OSEN