WINNER broadcasts live stream for the first time with four members

WINNER made their first public broadcast for the first time since news of Taehyun’s departure were confirmed. 

On December 15th, WINNER greeted their fans through a live streaming broadcast. It was their first public activity with four members left in the lineup.

The broadcast was done in conjunction with the statement by YG Entertainment that confirmed their comeback plans. The agency stated that WINNER and iKON are both preparing their albums, aimed to be released early next year.

To celebrate the news, Seungyoon, Mino, Seunghoon, and Jinwoo gathered to inform their fans the good news themselves. As a treat, they also hinted on weekly streaming, WINNER TV appearances, and other projects prior to their actual return. They ended the statement with a promise to do more for their fans, hinting on a surprise gift, before their new album.

WINNER was originally set to release a new album before the year ended but was canceled due to Taehyun’s condition. However, just last month, the agency confirmed Taheyun’s departure from the group and cited his mental health as their main concern.