WINNER Reveal How YG Rewarded Them For Their 5 Wins

WINNER recently celebrated their 5 wins with Yang Hyun Suk and shared the experience on their Instagram accounts.

WINNER recently updated their personal Instagram accounts with photos of Yang Hyun Suk where they were treated to a nice steak dinner to celebrate their recent comeback’s success.

Not only did he treat them to dinner, he also gifted them with bottles of wine from their birthday years to congratulate them!

“#WINNER #winner #5timeswincelebration #goodpeople #goodtime #averyhappydinner #groupphoto #reallyreallydeeptalk #YGexistsbecause ofWINNER #YG”

— Yang Hyun Suk

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They expressed their gratitude by posting photos of the dinner, gifts, as well as a ‘family photo’ of them with YG.

“This friend that the President bought for me!!! I love you President! #wineandchampagnefromourbirthyears #isthemeatsjuicinessreal #happydinner #WINNERexistsbecauseofyg ”

— WINNER Seungyoon

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The night was full of YG Entertainment family love and support – and cute group photos!

“I love you all”


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They also used the hashtag #WINNERexistsbecauseofYG in Korean to express their thanks!

” #WINNERexistsbecauseofYG ”

— WINNER Seungyoon

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” @fromyg #thankyouforthemeal #winnerexistsbecauseofyg ”

— WINNER Jinwoo

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” Family #winnerexistsbecauseofyg ”

— WINNER Seunghoon

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“Expensive wine from the boss”  from Seunghoon’s Instagram Story
“The expensive meat that our boss bought for us”  from Seunghoon’s Instagram Story