WINNER Reveals They Are Still Struggling A Lot

Despite their many hits, they have a lot of debts to pay.

In an interview on SBS‘s One Night of TV Entertainment,  the members of WINNER revealed that they are not as well off as people think.


The interviewer asked what they did with the first paycheck they received as WINNER.

“Do you remember what you did with your first paycheck?”


Without hesitation, Mino revealed that the first thing he did was pay off his debts.

“I paid off my debts.” — Mino


One by one, the remaining members admitted that they did the same.

“I also paid off my debts.” — Jinwoo

“Me too.” — Seungyoon

“Yeah, me too.” — Seunghoon


Mino explained that the members came from humble beginnings.

“None of us came from a rich family.” — Mino


Seungyoon elaborated, revealing that many of the members had struggling families.

“We struggled a bit more than an average family.” — Seungyoon


Finally, to lighten the mood, Seunghoon ended the conversation with a joke while also revealing that they’re still in debt.

“Let’s not talk about sad things! We are still trying to pay off our debts.” — Seunghoon


Although WINNER may be still struggling, they’re well on their way to becoming one of the most well-paid artists with consecutive hits!

They’ve been topping charts with every comeback since their debut song, “Empty”!


Here’s hoping that they will overcome their financial difficulties!

Source: Dispatch