WINNER’s Seunghoon Reveals How BIGBANG’s Taeyang Changed Since Enlisting

Seunghoon says Taeyang isn’t the same.

WINNER‘s Seunghoon guest starred with his members on the latest episode of Video Star, where he spilled details about BIGBANG Taeyang‘s latest news in the army.


Seunghoon revealed that the last time he visited Taeyang at the army, Taeyang gained 10kg (~22lbs) since he enlisted back in March!

“He gained about 10kg. His body got bigger after living a military lifestyle.”

— Seunghoon


Not only was Seunghoon shocked by his new visuals, he was more shocked when Taeyang began showing off how well his military beret hat was angled!

“The reason why we were shocked was that he started showing off his military beret.

He started showing off how well he got the beret hat to angle itself.”

— Seunghoon


Seunghoon explained that Taeyang was an idol who used to be an insider of the fashion world but now he was showing off his beret hat angles than the latest luxurious brand releases.

“To us, he was our senior who went to Paris for fashion week shows. Whenever a brand released a new piece, they would seek him out to endorse it.

He was that kind of person before but after enlisting in the army, he’s begun showing off the angle of his military beret hat…”

— Seunghoon


Seunghoon couldn’t help but jokingly confess that he was saddened by Taeyang’s changes as he felt it was his upcoming future in the military!

“We felt so sad by it. It also felt like we were looking at our future.”

— Seunghoon

Source: Sports Chosun