WINNER’s Seunghoon Covers “MONEY” With BLACKPINK’s Lisa Herself—And They Both Killed It

They’re main dancers for a reason.

The “MONEY” hype hasn’t died down at all!

When BLACKPINK‘s Lisa made her solo debut last September, her B-Side track “MONEY” quickly climbed the charts and made the rounds online. Fans and non-fans alike covered the chorus of the hip hop song and posted their versions online.

Even fellow celebrities hopped on the trend, the latest one being WINNER‘s Seunghoon (HOONY) with a clip posted on his personal Twitter account. He immediately showed that he understood the assignment by dropping some “dolla bills” with a Supreme cash cannon while Lisa sang these exact lines in the pre-chorus.

MONEY dance cover 🤑🤑💵
with lalisa of BLACKPINK 💕💕

— Sunghoon

The singer herself made a surprise appearance to dance the chorus with him—and dance they did! Both Lisa and Seunghoon are the main dancers of their respective groups so it was no surprise that their movements were powerful and precise.

They lit up YG Entertainment‘s new building hallway with their fiery dancing.

Seunghoon ended the short but impactful cover with a b-boy move towards the camera.

This isn’t the first time the two stars danced together. Back in 2018, YG Entertainment released the “X Academy Teaser Video 4” which showed Lisa and Seunghoon dancing alongside iKON‘s DK and dance crews HI-TECH and CRAZY.

Check out the full “MONEY” cover below!

Source: Twitter