How Music Show Stages Look From The Perspective Of K-Pop Idols, As Revealed By WINNER’s Seunghoon

What viewers see is different from what K-Pop idols see.

If you’ve ever wondered what music show stages look like at the other end of the camera, WINNER‘s Seunghoon has come forward to abate your curiosity.

The singer–dancer–TikTok star recently uploaded a video of WINNER’s behind the scenes antics on SBS‘s Inkigayo.

It also put fans into the shoes of K-Pop idols during filming hours. Check out what their perspective on stage is like below.

1. Stage Performances

First up, the video opened with Seunghoon filming Seungyoon and Mino dancing to Apink CHOBOM‘s “Copycat.” It was revealed that the artists on stage were separated from the rest with a wooden wall.

K-Pop idols have the chance to watch the singers perform as evidenced by WINNER.

What Fans See

What K-Pop Idols See

2. Weekly Winner’s Announcement

Music shows always end with a gathering of performers and hosts to announce the weekly winner. Seunghoon shared the part that does not get aired—when K-Pop idols file onto the stage and line up for the camera.

What Fans See

What K-Pop Idols See

3. The Side

The side of the stage looks a bit different when the person taking the video is standing on it and not before it. Not only was Seunghoon much closer to the front row of singers, but even the ones in the back were seen better.

What Fans See

What K-Pop Idols See

4. The Back Row

Out of the public’s sight, WINNER wasn’t shy to play around at the back of the stage. Mino and Seungyoon twerked comically while Jinwoo was busy flipping a water bottle while kneeling down.

What Fans Don’t See (But K-Pop Idols Do)

5. The Interactions

Finally, not all K-Pop idol interactions are spotted by viewers. Even the fans who attend music shows in person would not be near enough to see every single greeting between artists, especially the ones hidden from view.

Seunghoon, for instance, used this time to meet Chungha and Hyolyn.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out WINNER’s recent “I LOVE U” performance on Inkigayo below.

Source: TikTok