WINNER’s Seungyoon And Kim Tae Won Reveal What They Believe Makes A “True Artist”

They revealed their thoughts on the matter!

WINNER‘s Kang Seungyoon and veteran guitarist Kim Tae Won revealed the traits that make a true artist, according to them!

On the latest episode of K-Pop Lyrics Helper, the two discussed AKMU‘s 2019 song, “Fish In The Water”.

While noting the song for it’s deep and thoughtful lyrics, the staff also read an excerpt from Chanhyuk‘s best-selling novel of the same name, and asked Seungyoon and Kim Tae Won about what they believed was a “true artist”.

In the book, they say, “A person who keeps their word; a person who becomes what they express, that is a true artist. And so, if you don’t think you can keep your word, then just say as much as you think you can do.”

What do you think makes a “true artist”?


Kim Tae Won spoke up first, and said that he believes the answer to be within the person themselves! After acknowledging Chanhyuk’s brilliant artistry at such a young age, he then hilariously retrospected inwards!

You have to see yourself as the greatest mentor. I believe the answer isn’t out there, but all in here. As someone who’s lived for quite a long time, this is something I can relate to. So, I can’t help but clap.

What was I doing when I was 26? I think something bad happened…

—Kim Tae Won

Seungyoon wholeheartedly agreed, and offered his own insight into what makes a “true artist”, and also expressed his worries with this particular concept of a “true artist”.

I agree. I think you put the definition of an artist into a good sentence. But not everything I express is who I am. I want to live like what I express, but I’m not always able to.


Kim Tae Won then offered Seungyoon some golden advice!

Don’t you know, “Write about something and you can become it”? I believe that people change according to what they write.

You still have a long road ahead of you. Just head towards the lighthouse [light].

—Kim Tae Won

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a “true artist”. What’s yours?