WINNER’s Seungyoon Talks About Members’ Upcoming Military Enlistment

He’s deeply worried about it.

WINNER‘s Seungyoon and Jinwoo recently guest starred on Life Bar, where they opened up about their concerns. Amidst his concerns, Seungyoon confessed that he’s recently started getting anxiety over the members’ upcoming military enlistment.

“Jinwoo will have to enlist soon. Seunghoon too, and then the rest of us will follow.

But I’m getting anxiety about it.”

— Seungyoon


As Korea has a law requiring all able bodied men to serve in the military, WINNER’s oldest member Jinwoo (born 1991) will have to enlist very soon.


Seungyoon wants WINNER to achieve a certain level of success before any of the members have to enlist, which causes him – as the leader and producer of the group – to stress out over the impending enlistments.

“As I’m the leader and producer of WINNER, I feel a lot of pressure.

I feel like before we enlist, we need to achieve a goal that I’ve set for us. That way, we will be able to continue well even after we return.”

— Seungyoon


Unfortunately, Seungyoon worries so much over it that he can’t even rest well during his days off.

“Because of that anxiety and pressure, I can’t rest well even when I’m resting.”

— Seungyoon


Ever the workaholic perfectionist, Seungyoon strives to be the best in any situation. But Inner Circles can’t relate with Seungyoon’s concerns as even military enlistments can’t keep them apart from their boys!

Source: Single List