WINNER’s Seungyoon Stuck By This One Rule To Lose His Signature Baby Fat Cheeks

He had to make a great sacrifice!

One of WINNER Seungyoon‘s signature charms was his baby fat cheeks. Despite his slender physique, his round and puffy cheeks made him as adorable as can be!

Seungyoon before he lost weight.


However, he’s recently lost some weight as his cheeks have nearly disappeared! Seungyoon revealed that he was always concerned about his baby fat cheeks. He’s done all he can to lose them but never prevailed.


But he decided to sacrifice one of his joys in life: sugary drinks! He stuck by this one rule and shed his puffy cheeks! He revealed that once he gave up sugary drinks, his cheeks shrank immediately!

Seungyoon after he lost weight.

I can’t drink Americanos and I love Vanilla Lattes but I had to cut them out. I drink Americanos now.

I was very concerned because I have a lot of cheek fat. But Seunghoon told me, ‘I think you can’t shed cheek fat because you love sugary drinks too much.’

I cut them out and I immediately lost my cheek fat.

— Seungyoon


Fellow member Seunghoon revealed that their hectic schedule also helped in helping him achieve his goal.

Seungyoon always worried about his face bloating. The problem lied in his eating habits.

We also had a lot of music show recordings and university festival performances, so we were busy.

— Seunghoon


Although his baby cheeks will dearly be missed, Seunghoon looks good no matter what he decides!

Source: Seoul Sports